Products Care Guide

Brass Products

The polished Brassware has been coated with lacquer and it should not be cleaned with abrasive metal polish or the lacquer coating will be damaged. The life of the coating can be prolonged by regular cleaning and application of hard clear Beeswax.
However, particularly on exterior door furniture, when the coating has broken down due to atmospheric exposure and usage, all remaining traces must be removed. If the article is not cared for at this stage then it will start to deteriorate further and cannot be restored easily.

The life of the lacquer cannot be guaranteed and when signs of breakdown appear, we recommend the following procedures:
1. Remove the Brass fittings and coat using a soft brush with Acetone thinner e.g. "Nitramores" according to manufacturer's instructions. Completely, dry the item and apply a good metal polish.
2. Apply small amounts of good metal polish repeatedly onto Steel wire wool pad (Grade 0000 non-abrasive) and then start to rub the item firmly to remove the lacquer. It will appear as though you are scratching the item but this will be the lacquer that is being removed whilst you are polishing the metal at the same time.

A fresh coat of lacquer may be applied thereafter but we strongly recommend that, especially for external use, you should leave the item unlacquered. All Brassware has a tendency to tarnish but product care on a regular basis by following the second procedure will maintain the polished finish.

Chrome & Nickel Products

Chrome & Nickel products are virtually maintenance free. However, deposits will accumulate especially on external fittings. We therefore recommend regular cleaning with a soft cloth and non-abrasive wax polish.

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