Door handles, knockers, bells & Architectural Ironmongery


Brass Products: The polished Brassware has been coated with lacquer and it should not be cleaned with abrasive metal polish or the lacquer coating will be damaged. The life of the coating can be prolonged by regular cleaning and application of hard Bees wax. However, particularly on exterior door furniture, when the coating has broken down due to atmospheric exposure all remaining traces must be removed. If the article is not cared for at this stage then it will start to pitt and only professional metal cleaners may be able to restore it to its original lustre. Lacquer may be removed with Nitromors or Celluloid paint remover and the item will then be in a suitable state for cleaning, polishing and maintaining. A coat of transparent lacquer can be applied only if desired as lacquered Brass generally requires more vigorous cleaning after a longer period than non-lacquered Brass, which may need moderate attention but more frequently. All Brassware has a tendency to tarnish and no guarantee can be given as to when the lacquer will break down.

PVD Brass: This process renders the surface impervious to damage in normal use including oxidation, wear and abrasion. All lacquered brass items require regular cleaning with non-abrasive wax polish. We recommend the removal of surface dirt by dusting with a soft cloth. Stubborn stains can be removed with the use of white spirit or similar spirit based products.

Chrome & Nickel Products: Chrome & Nickel products are virtually maintenance free. However, deposits will accumulate especially on external fittings. We therefore recommend regular cleaning with a soft cloth and non-abrasive wax polish.


Black Iron Products: Iron in any form, whether cast or malleable, is susceptible to rusting. Our Black Ironmongery is covered with black powder coating. However during the life of a product where areas are constantly rubbing the painted surfaces are lost eventually. This is inevitable during the operational life of the item. We reccomend occasional light oiling which will help to prolong the appearance and keep the rusting process at bay.To remove harmful deposits which will cause corrosion (this is even more critical near to a coastline, as the salt air has a very corrosive affect on iron) we advise that the Ironmongery is regularly wiped over with a lightly oiled cloth.

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