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How to Replicate Period Window Dressing

Nottingham based architectural fittings specialists House of Brass have released some sound and interesting advice for homeowners looking to follow the period trend with their window dressings. 

At House of Brass, our expert team are often called upon by our customers to provide guidance and advice on how to acheive the period look in their home. We are very often asked about window dressings as it's such a tricky area, but can really make a difference to the feel of a room.

We have issued some useful help, advice and guidance below for anyone looking to emulate some of history's most elegant eras in design.

The first thing we would suggest is to visit stately period homes in person for inspiration and to help with deciding upon which period to follow. 

We are very lucky in the East Midlands to have many beautiful stately homes within an hour's drive time. Places such as Chatsworth house, Haddon Hall and just around the corner, Wollaton Hall. No doubt a day out exploring will provide lots of inspiration.

They say, “The beautiful stately homes across the UK show the differences in the styles throughout the 19th century. For example in the Regency period, the emphasis was on understated elegance, which morphed into the heavy and ostentatious drapery and swags of the Victorians. Then we had the angular style of the Art Deco movement with its accent on stylised flora and fauna. The Edwardian era followed by continuing the lighter theme in its graceful drapes for the windows.”

The next piece of advice offered is all to do with planning. “Start by deciding on a common period theme or a mix for different rooms,” they say. “In bygone ages, the window dressing was partly about keeping in the warmth, but in the days of central or under-floor heating this is not so important. Where windows are overlooked, though, curtaining may still be complemented by the blinds and lace of earlier times. Most crucial is that the window dressing blends in with the décor of the room and doesn’t overshadow it.” 

And finally, at House of Brass our focus is about the window dressing fittings. “The fittings are just as important as the textiles themselves. Brass poles, hooks and finials were the norm and no period window dressing would seem authentic without them, even if only a small part of them is actually on show!”

At House of Brass, we sell a range of traditional and contemporary brass curtain poles and fittings, including made to order both at our Nottingham store and online.

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